Thunder and lightning is a natural phenomenon occurred.  Always the lightning is followed by a thunder. The phenomenon is associated with thick clouds and storms. Lightning and thunder is the sudden electrical discharges resulting from atmospheric conditions. The thunder and lightning do not last for more than one hour. Lightning discharges sudden flashes of powerful lights and thunder causes trembling sounds. The phenomenon often causes damage of lives or property when it touches the Earth.


Lightning and thunder can also happen at the time of Volcanic eruptions

Thunder and lightning are resulted when denser cold air overlies warm moist air. The phenomenon is common while rain storms happen and rarely happens at the time of volcanic eruptions also. It is estimated that each year 16 million thunder and lightning. They are most frequent in the tropical rain forests.

Lightning is associated with thunder which is heard after a few seconds

The thunder is heard after a few seconds of lightning and this is because light travels faster than sound. The lightning is powerful and has an average temperature around 20,000 degree Celsius. The speed of lightning is around 669600000 miles per hour and the speed of thunder is around 767 miles per hour. A cloud has a negative charge and ground has a postive charge. When the difference in charges tend to increase results in a discharge of powerful lightning. A lightning strike is five times hotter than the Sun.

Swine Flu some times know as H1N1 Flu in some parts of the world is caused by H1N1 virus. The disease was recognized in the year 1919 with an outbreak of the virus. Initially it was beleaved that the virus was spread to the people who had more contacts with the Pigs but in due course of time a new virus evolved which spread the disease among people who were not associated with the pigs.


Swine Flu can become fatal if left untreated

Swine flu was infected to many people around the world in the year 2009. The virus can cause severe health problems if left untreated. It is adviced to get the flu vaccine periodically yearly once to prevent from swine flu. An infected person sneezes or coughs and expels the virus and the health person can get in contact with the virus getting infected. People can suffer from fever and cold for seven days.

Swine Flu is not spread by pigs

Studies have found out that swine flu is not spread by eating pork products or from person who have contact with pigs, It was a false conclusion in the earlier days that the disease is spread from pigs. The symptoms include fever, body pain, head ache, cough, cold, sore throat. The disease can be fatal if left untreated causing severe health problems like pneumonia and lung infections. Treatment is similar to the treatment of common flu.


MRSA is also know as the super bug globally. MRSA is a Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus auries. This bacteria has developed a resistance to many antibiotics including the pencillin, methicillin, dicloxacillin, nafcillin, oxacillin and other.  This kind of bacterial infection is difficult to treat and remains a challenge to the doctors globally. The bacteria is responsible for various infections inside and outside of the body of humans and Animals.


The resistance to antibiotics make it difficult to treat for the infections. MRSA is spread through skin contact, the bacteria goes into the body through skin breaks or cuts. MRSA is widely spread in hospitals, prisons and nursing homes. The disease is also spread among sex workers. The people with weak immunity system are more prone to such infections. There are two types of MRSA attacks, the HA-MRSA and CA-MRSA.

MRSA exists in humans in nostrils and groins. The symptoms include impetigo, boils, abscesses, folliculitis, cellulitis. If the infections is advanced it can cause fever, chills, bone infection, pneumonia, heart valve infections and lung infection. Certain IV antibiotics and oral antibiotics which are not resistant to MRSA can cure the disease. MRSA is identified through blood tests and swab analysis from the infected portion. Maintaining body hygiene, clean clothes, clean surroundings can prevent from MRSA infections.


The word dinosaur is derived from the Greek term deino’s which fearful or terrible and sauro’s means lizards or the reptiles. Dinosaur have been believed to be existed on Earth before 65 million years ago. The dinosaurs ruled the Earth for millions of years. Scientists beleive that the dinosaurs were vanished in a massive asteroid impact on Earth millions of years ago causing climatic changes, erupting volcanoes, choking chemical gases and other possible factors.


Dinosaurs existed on Earth in different sizes

The Dinosaurs existed on Earth in different sizes and shapes. There lived gaingantic ones to the flying ones and the ones size of a turkey. The largest dionsaurs were Argentinosaurs, seismosaurs, ultrasaurs, brachiosaurs and the supersaurs. The smallest dinosaurs was the Compsognathus. Plant eating sauropods were the hugest animals to walk on Earth.  There was only one continent on the Earth when the dinosaurs existed.

Dinorsaurs are classified into two types

The scientist classified dinosaurs into two types based on their bone structures. They are the Saurischians and Ornithischians. Dinosaur fossils have been discovered in all the continents. Some of the animals moved very faster and some moved very slowly due to their heavy bodies. There were carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs. Scientists beleave that birds were descended from a type of dinosaurs called theropods.

The disease Ebola is also known as Ebola Hemorrhagic fever is caused by Ebola virus. The disease is known to be a deadly disease. Ebola virus can survive in humans as well as animals like monkeys, Gorillas and Chimpanzees. Ebola viruses exist in African Countries. The virus was discovered in 1976 in the African Country Congo. Since then there were outbreaks of the disease leading to several deaths. Five types of Ebola viruses have been identified till date out of which four can cause disease in Humans.


It is not evident about where the Ebola virus came from and how it was infected in humans. Researchers suggest that the virus is an animal borne virus and the possibility lies in Bats. Ebola can be spread through skin contact, through blood and body fluids like saliva, urine, sweat, breast milk and semen. The virus still survives in a dead person.  Needles and syringes used by a infected or dead person can spread the virus.

Symptoms of Ebola

The symptoms include high fever, diarrhea, blood vomits, nausea, fatigue, cough, sore throat, mental confusion and red spots on the skin, abdomen, chest, muscle pains. The disease could be fatal if left untreated causing death.

Treatment for Ebola

There is no particular treatment for Ebola. However treatment to symptoms and re hydration with fluids improves the survival. Vaccines and medicines to destroy the virus are not yet discovered.


Dengue is a mosquito borne disease caused by one of the four closely related Dengue viruses. The viruses are similar to the virus of Yellow fever which is prevalent in African countries. There is an estimation of 390 million dengue infections world wide each year and 96 million suffer serious illness.  The countries of Asia, Africa, Central and South America are more prone to the dengue infections. An outbreak of Dengue fever was identified in keywest in the year 2009.


Dengue fever is only spread through mosquito bites

Dengue fever is caused with the bite of Aedes mosquito infected with Dengue virus. The mosquito gets the virus when it bites an infected person and when it bites another person the virus is easily transmitted into his blood stream. The virus spread only through mosquito bites. The symptoms include high fever, sever head ache, muscle and joint pains, vomiting, skin rashes and bleeding.

No Specific Medicines for Dengue

The dengue disease is diagnosed by blood test to check for dengue virus. There is no specific medicine discovered to cure dengue. However paracetamol and other pain killers are used to bring the fever and body pains to control. The patients is given fluids to avoid dehydration. As for most of the diseases prevention is better than cure, this implies to dengue also. Using mosquito nets, repellants are the best methods of prevention from mosquito bites.  Avoiding stay in the water stagnated surrounding places as there is a greater risk of mosquito bites in such places.

Tides are the periodic rise and fall of large bodies of water on Earth. Tides are caused due the gravitational interactions between the Earth and the moon. The gravitational interaction causes the rise and fall of sea levels. Gravity is the major factor which creates tides. The times of high tide and low tide depends on the alignment of the Sun, Moon and the Earth. The tide timings are predictable earlier.


Gravitational Interactions causes rise and fall of water levels in the Oceans

The gravitational pull of the moon causes the water to  bulge outward towards the moon. Another bulge is caused in the opposite side. Since the Earth is rotating the tides occur twice a day. Tides not only affect the oceans but also the land masses but the fact is that its not visible like sea tides. There are two types of tides occurred, the high tide and the low tide.

The Two types of Tides

A high tide is occurred when the sea level rises over several hours, the water level reaches high reaching high tide. A low tide is occurred when the sea level falls over several hours, the water stops falling reaching low tide. The tides benefit the sea food industry in terms of catch. Various species of sea organisms are visible at the time of low tide and easy to catch. For instances octopuses are visible and are caught easily at the time of low tides.

Human Psychology is the study of the science of mind. Psychology is defined as the study of mind and human behavior, embracing all aspects of conscious and Unconscious experience as well as thought. Human Psychology is a study to understand the individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. A medical practitioner who possess a degree in the related science is called as a psychologist.


Different branches in Psychology

Psychology explores the human mind and provide understanding of human behavior, reactions, actions, emotions and attitudes. There are branches in Psychology like clinical, counselling, neuroscience, school psychology. Clinical psychologist diagnose and treat for psychological disorders like depression and anxiety. Also the doctors help the patients to work through their personal issues like break up of marriage, drug addictions. In this process counselling help patients address life problems like stress , grief and depression.

Psychology may be applied to a variety of Issues

The psychologist uses human behavior as a clue to the working of mind. The applications of Psychology include mental health treatment, performance enhancement, self help, ergonomics. Psychology also can be applied to variety of issues which impact health and daily life including performance enhancement, motivation and self help. The psychologists use the knowledge gained from researches in treatment of psychological disorders.


Tsunamis are also known as killer waves. A Tsunami is a phenomenon where the ocean waves reaching a height of 100 feet break onto the coastal shores. The Tsunamis cause wide spread destruction along the shores. These enormous waves are created by underwater disturbances such as the earthquakes or volcanic eruption beneath the oceans. The gigantic waves are able to move hundreds of miles per hour from the ocean and hit the shores creating huge loss.


All the Tsunamis are considered dangerous having a potential to destroy every coastline it strikes. There are evidences in history regarding the destructive Tsunamis along the coastal areas. The waves have a succeeding wave which is bigger than the previous one. The dangerous waves are the result of undersea large earthquakes down beneath the Tectonic plates. It happens when suddenly the Ocean floor at a plate boundary rises or falls creating rolling waves.

Most of the Tsunamis occur in the Pacific oceans “Ring of Fire”. This area is active for the Tectonic plates shifting causing volcanoes and earth quakes.  At some places Tsunamis do not occur as giant waves but they resemble the surgical tides which is a natural phenomenon in the coastal areas. The 2004 December Indian Ocean Tsunami was the deadliest Tsunami which occurred on Earth killing 230,000 people and creating a wide spread destruction in the coastal areas in 14 countries.

Black holes are formed when the center of a very massive Star collapses in upon itself. These collapses also cause a Supernova and or an exploding Star that blasts parts of the Star into the Space. A Black hole is a region in space where the pulling force of gravity is too strong that even light cannot escape. The strong gravity occurs as a result of matter being pressed into tiny space. The compression can take place at the end of a Stars life and some Black holes are the result of dying Stars.


NASA Spots two Big Black Holes on the Suns Surface

The US Space Agency NASA has discovered two big black holes on the surface of the Sun. These black holes are named coronal holes. These are also the source of high speed wind of the solar particles that streams form the Sun.

Solar winds from Black holes create disturbances in Communications forms on Earth

The Solar winds produced form these black holes not only create Geo magnetic storms on Earth by disturbing the communications in all forms. One black hole is much bigger that it covers 68% of the Solar surface. However the reasons of these Coronal holes formation on the Suns surface is unclear to the scientists at NASA. Coronal holes are visible in certain types of extreme Ultra Violet light which is invisible to human naked eye